Friday, August 19, 2011

A bumpy ride

This is the video I mention in the post below.  Clover was kind enough to do the narration.  Don't watch if you're feeling queasy.

Redcloud Trip

Hey everyone!  I hope you enjoy these pictures from our trip to Colorado.  It was a great blessing--even more than we expected.  As most of you know, we were at Camp Redcloud, where John served several summers while he was in college.  It was good to get out into nature, pray, and make ourselves available to God.  
Here's our crew.  The guy in the brown shirt was Todd and the girl in the red shirt was Audra.  They were our counselors and we loved them!  They became one of the group even as they modeled what it was to be a servant.
No drought here.  Look at these hanging baskets!
We stayed in a weatherport, which was basically like a cloth-covered hangar.  
The inside of the weatherport was none too fancy,  but the mattress was comfortable and I had my Pillow Pet to keep me company.  (John was in the boy's half of the weatherport.)
The view from the camp.  There's a horse barn in the distance and every night they would let the horses run out, which made a very nice scene. 
John below the chapel.  The first night we went up to the chapel at night and saw the stars from up there.  If you've never done a devotional in the dark, you should.  
Roy Rogers, our camp-provided transportation to all our activities.  Plenty of seats, but no shocks!
That's my husband on that rock face.
I was his 'belayer,' the person who manages the rope that keeps the climber safe.  Somehow I wasn't ready to delegate that to somebody else.  Todd's helping me out, though.
There's me up there.  Glad I did it, but don't need to do it again!
John and I at Lake City, the closest town to Redcloud.  We went there for milkshakes after our rock-climbing expedition.
Don't think you can read the sign, but this place calls itself is a "Husband Daycare."  

Look at the pavement and how it reflects the face of the church (there's a cross on the top that I couldn't get in the picture).

After milkshakes, we went to eat at 'Poker Alice's,' a pizza place.  John and his family have been there several times, because of his service at Redcloud, so I was glad to go there myself.

Inside Roy Rogers.  Watch the video in the following post to get a flavor of it!
The next day after rock-climbing, we went to Carson, a ghost town just beneath the Continental Divide.   I think gold miners lived there in the late nineteenth century.
My handsome guy.
Uh, this is our leader, Clover.  He is Rachel's 'handsome guy.'  Reportedly he doesn't always look this sleazy.
I like this little shot of John's Redcloud bottle.  I think I'll send it to the camp and see if they want to use it as an advertisement.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Jackson!  We love ya!