Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A family trip!

It's been sooo long, but here are some pictures I think you might enjoy.  I was able to visit the fly-in in Missouri this August, and then we had some extra little visitors on our farm in September

But first, the fly-in.

Look at these handsome fellas.  There's a Stinson back there, for those who have eyes to see.

Everyone who's been to an airshow knows that it's never just an airshow.  It's a car show, scooter show, pavillion tent show, and what not.  Well, Chillicothe was no different, which made certain young men very happy, as you can see.

Here's Noah, dreaming big. 

And Seth, from his position of authority.

 We also did some birthday celebrations for late spring, summer, and early fall birthdays.  Audrey took the occasion to sport her new shoes for school.

Mom, Dad, Sam, and Katie.
Wonder what Katie's thinking about?  And why is Sam giving Dad that look? 

Matching teapot and flowers.  Anybody guess who orchestrated that present?

 Sam perched next to Nana on the swinging bench.  He makes a small space look larger and cuter.

Slater, our special guest, kept most of us--especially Packer and Dexter--on our toes...

...or off our rockers.

Shifting gears, this was taken the morning of John's first class at HBU!

Amadeus was so proud of him (as was I).  

I mentioned some little visitors at the farm.  We were delighted to have Ryan, Joy, and fam pay us a visit early in September!  I still can't believe that they were actually here!

Some time ago, John's mom had bought me the most random Noah's ark ever from an antique store.  It's a mix between a castle, a pirate ship, and a farmyard.  The kids loved it.

Well, two of them.  Sam preferred to stand on the breadbox.

As well as to stand on the kitchen chair, supervising Amadeus from afar.

 Our little guests also enjoyed trying on cowboy hats.

And of course, touring the nearby Bluebell factory. 

Here's Caleb, lamenting with Darth Vader Goofy on the way there.  In the foreground, Joy and I are talking about Mexican food, but it's worth the effort to hear Caleb's voice.
 The family about an hour before the sugar rush.

A minute before the sugar rush...

Mid-sugar rush...

 And entering the sugar daze.  

Yes, life is good in Bluebell land, where they give out free hats and paint elevators to look like barn doors.

Having explored the ice cream belt, we opted for some protein in the form of chips, salsa, and enchiladas.  And Aggie gear.

Ryan, Katie, and Caleb all came out strong in their maroon.  That's saying a lot from some die-hard Mizzou fans.  I guess since we're all in the SEC together now, it's all good.

As we were driving into the restaurant, Katie remarked on a common site down here but rare enough in Missouri.  Here she is in front of her first palm tree!

And in front of her second palm tree!  
(Notice the arms spread wide in the traditional Disney princess mode.)

While Katie admired the trees, Caleb was more interested in statues of alligators.  I didn't catch it on film, but at one point, he actually reached out to pet its spiny back. 

John and Katie had a particularly fun time that Friday, as is evidenced by John threatening to throw Katie into a fountain several times over.

Then they made bignets (French funnel-cakes) for the assembled.

And even indulged in a game of chess.  

Caleb, meanwhile, helped me wash dishes.

 The Saturday they left, we had lunch at Tom and Kay's.  But Sam hadn't taken an effective nap for three days, so he didn't have much to offer in the way of conversation.  

A sub-text to all of this is that Katie discovered her inner photographer.  The following is her portfolio.

 We call this "Pig 'n' Vader."

And this one, "The Boat Caleb Can't Touch"

"Dwarfs in Motion"

"Shoe on Pink"

Caleb's contribution: "Vader Vanquished."

 The sad time came, however, when they had to go.  It was very sad.  But wait!  Where's Sam?

Obviously dragging his feet because he doesn't want to leave.  I understand, Sam.  I understand.

But we mustn't end on a sober note.  Let's end instead on some "Jive Talking."