Friday, April 23, 2010

Outside activities - bluebonnets!!

Well, we just finished up the bluebonnet season. Bluebonnets were EVERYWHERE. There were people parked along rural roads and busy highways stopping to take pictures. We had a beautiful field near us that we frequented.

We also had some friends out visiting us (and really, the bluebonnets). Their son, Cameron, hit it off with Amadeus. They were best buds by the end of the day!

And, of course, we had our quality time with the puppy.

John, like most good Texans, takes great joy in bluebonnet season. Isn't the field behind him spectacular?

Cameron walking Amadeus. He had to learn some finesse, since at one point he was literally dragging the poor puppy through the field, but he caught on.

After our friends left, the mower broke down for a critical couple of weeks. Amadeus LOVED romping around in the tall grass out front. Unfortunately, he romped through some grass burs and had to spend hours getting them picked out. And as we all know, that's no fun for anybody, including those doing the picking.

In pursuit of more freedom (the ability to leave the house for more than three hours), we are building Amadeus a kennel. Here he is on-site, helping John, mostly with emotional support.

He has no idea what's coming. . .

Okay folks, that's all for now! Love ya! Don't forget to look below for the exciting cow video!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Amadeus and the cows

The other day Charlie and some helpers came by to work on the calves. I brought Amadeus out for the show. It turned out that the cows were more interested in him than he was with the cows! I took this video from sitting on top of the fence post, by the way. It's not terribly exciting, but fun, short, and it makes one smile to see how many cows Amadeus attracts at the end.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Missouri pre-Easter

We begin this post with a picture of a moth. Not because it's a Missouri moth, but because its camouflage looks like a twig off of a tree. Very impressive, Mr. Moth! Alas, your camouflage fails you when you land on a screen door.

Here's a view from the drive up. We think this is Kansas. But it's still beautiful.

The second night we were up in Missouri, John and I drove two hours over to Hannibal to attend a retirement party for my beloved English professor from Hannibal LaGrange, Dr. McNutt. We had a great time--it was rather like a family reunion--chatting with friends and former professors. Here is Dr. McNutt with our crew of English (and formerly English) majors.

We returned home late Friday night, then all sorts of family members came up on Saturday and by Sunday, we were preparing for Easter the next week. Here are some snapshots of our egg-decorating party. Don't be troubled if everybody looks a little grim. Egg decorating is serious business.

It requires a small amount of adult assistance.

And long periods of thoughtful concentration, as Brooke here demonstrates. (Thanks to Neal and Theresa for coming up for the weekend and providing their two adorable little girls for photo shoots.)

But the final product is worth it! Aren't they lovely?

After decorating the eggs, it was time for the annual Plastic-Egg Filled With Candy Easter Egg Hunt (or the PEFWCEEH). Like every good hunt, helmets and hounds were provided.

I forgot to mention that Amadeus came with us up to Missouri. He demanded to be part of the PEFWCEEH, as well. I'd like to say that he found us some good eggs, but alas, all he found was Noah.

Would you like to try a poisoned app--er, egg, Nana? *Cackle, cackle*

Even the sick babies got to join in (referring in this instance to Caleb, not Ryan).

And don't forget the tractor parade! Oh, the memories you can create when a beat-up old golf cart is stranded, only to be pushed to safety by a big blue tractor.

After the golf cart was secured, Uncle Pat took a very excited Madison for a ride, as well.

After all the excitement, everybody needed a good stretch. Here are Seth and Ryan practicing their yoga moves.

Amadeus really enjoyed Missouri. He loved playing with Mom and Dad's little Westie, Dexter, and trying to run with the big dogs. But there were some adjustments. No longer puppy extraordinaire, Amadeus found that he had become just one more hound.

Sigh. . . .

But lest, good viewers, you think he suffered too much by being merely 'one of the canine crowd,' let these pictures assure you that he was not entirely out of the spotlight. Here he is making friends with the children. . .

. . .slithering out of Steph's grasp. . .

. . .bringing Papa down to his level. . .

. . .and in general getting himself into some extraordinary positions.

It's enough to wear a pup out, which made for a very quiet ride back home.