Friday, March 27, 2009

Baking Bread

Hello everyone!
We've got lots of pictures to share from the past couple weeks, but I thought I'd start with some pictures from a Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago. Our friends, Debbie and Larry Peck, invited us over for dinner and Debbie, who is a great and energetic cook, volunteered to teach myself and two other girls (friends from church) how to make bread! Meanwhile, John and Larry sat around and commented on how good everything smelled.

The baking crew (left to right): Ally, Nicole, Me, and Debbie

Me learning proper kneading

The finished product! We learned how to make Honey Whole-Wheat, Focaccia, and English Muffin Bread

But the work wasn't finished. We also made chicken cacciatore for dinner, along with the desert in process below: a pudding-like brownie desert that was wonderful--Mom, it reminded me of your chuck-wagon cake.

And here's some of us enjoying the finished product. Hopefully I'll remember some of these techniques to try when we get home!

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