Saturday, July 25, 2009

Homecoming, Texas Edition

We thought we'd share these pictures of our Texas homecoming from Italy. For those of you in Italy, you can see where we've landed!

The Farm. This is where John and I will be living. It's spacious and rustic, with plenty of parking. In the foreground is my trustworthy (and sporty) chariot.

Here are just a few shots from inside the farm, to give you an idea of the decor. :-)

The bedroom.

The living room. Over the mantle is a portrait of John's grandfather, affectionately known as 'Pop' by his grandchildren and 'Goober' by his wife and friends.

The kitchen.

The outbuildings. Clearly, we won't lack for storage!

Here's a picture of Tom and Kay's (John's parents) new house. We'll eventually get more pictures of it inside, but you can get an idea of the type of land it's sitting on, at least. This house is literally down the driveway from the farm.

Watermelon Festival in Hempstead. Take that, Ivrea!

Party at Kevin and Susan's house. John's friend from high school, Kevin (in the hat), turned 31 this year so we had a barbeque at his house with his other friend from olden days, Chris, and his family.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't as cooperative as it could be, so the birthday boy had to grill in the rain.

Kevin, Chris, and John, preparing for the celebrated BlueBell Homemade Vanilla ice cream, with brownies.

After staying in Hempstead/Houston for a while, we journeyed north to Dallas to spend a night with John's cousin, Kathy, and family.

John and li'l Andrew wheeling around the grocery store.

John and Kathy in front of Kathy and Aaron's new house.

Jake showing off his new bedroom's huge closet.

Andrew, courtesy of his big brother Jake (the photographer)

John and I trying to take a heart-warming picture with Andrew, who, you can tell, was more interested in looking through his binoculars. Note the Superman pajamas.

Allrighty! We're in Missouri now; John's leaving tomorrow for his fly-fishing trip. Next post will be the Missouri homecoming, but since John's taking the camera on his trip, it might be a little while.

Ciao and love you!


  1. Nice to see where you're hanging out these days. I was pleased to see Lindsey busy cooking. Now I'm waiting for news that you really made some bread! :) We miss you guys! Larry and Debbie

  2. Farm looks great. You guys are proper farmer type folks now!!!! Bit confused though, which house are you actually living in? I thought you were staying with Johns parents, was that in the new house or the old one? and where are you now?
    Anyway looks great, you look great and glad to be home.
    Keep it real!!
    We miss you xxx