Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Texas A&M vs. Utah State

A couple of weeks ago, John took me to my very first Texas A&M game at the Aggies' home stadium, Kyle Field. I received the full A&M experience: first we went to watch the band line up. Before every game, the band marches from its barracks to the stadium. All the band members are part of the ROTC--for those of you overseas, the corps provides military training in college for those who are planning on a career in the military (although sometimes students just enroll for the grueling experience). A&M started as a military school and continues a proud military tradition to this day. John's cousin, Mills, was in the ROTC band during his time at A&M.

Here's the line-up. . .

. . .and the kick! Listen to the melodious tunes of the Fightin' Aggie Band.

Though we were excited to see the band, we were there to watch football. And when Kyle Field called, John had to answer. . .

Some shots of the stadium and the game. Although there were some tense moments when we dropped the ball (literally), our cause prevailed and we triumphed over Utah State.

So there you have it! I could go on and on about the traditions I encountered during my first game, but I'll let John tell you about it person. We had a great time and we hope to go again this season!

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  1. Looks Awesome! I bet you had a wonderful time. Sorry Lindsey, I haven't called you back yet.It slipped my mind. Ugh...Sorry..
    Hope you are enjoying the farm.

    Court :)