Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas in Missouri, 2009

Finally more pictures! I have a new operating system, so it's taken me some time to figure out how to prepare the downloaded pictures to the blog. But I finally have a method, so here are some more memories of our time over Christmas in Chillicothe.

The young ones. . .

Jackson and Caleb upon Jackson's arrival in Missouri. Jackson is a California baby, who enjoys playing with his Missouri cousins whenever he can. It does take some time for him to warm up, however. Here he's cautiously watching Caleb before making his move.

And who can forget Natalie Noelle, the youngest member of our tribe? She looked beautiful in her red dress, chilling on Papa's lap during our family Christmas.

The general chaos of Christmas morning. Of course, it wasn't technically Christmas morning--more like December 31--but we were determined to pretend!

Katie showing off her style.

After celebrating Christmas that morning, we heralded the New Year that night. Here are Ryan and Joy, checking out the non-alcoholic spritzer thing for those of us who don't imbibe. Since Ryan's hoping to become a Baptist pastor, he wisely chose the spritzer.

John and Dad showing off their school spirit via Santa hats. You'll be able to tell in the next picture that Dad's hat is for the Wisconsin Badgers.

See? Nana gives is a nice modeling of it, with Papa looking on and Katie helping out.

Steph, Audrey, and Natalie studying last year's family picture.

Natalie, the youngest grandchild, in the capable hands of Audrey, the oldest.

Tom and Kay gave me a puzzle for Christmas, which I took up to Missouri for the common enjoyment. Here are some of the guys trying to fit in the last pieces.

The finished work--finished, that is, after a few minutes of searching on the ground with a flashlight for a missing piece.

Noah's stamp of approval.

We will end this post on the issue of head-hugging. Head-hugging has become an established practice with Ryan and Caleb. Periodically throughout the holidays, Ryan would drop to the floor in order to be visited by Caleb, who would get his own head as close to Ryan's as possible.

Jackson wasn't sure what to make of the practice.

But Caleb was undeterred. It's been reported that he wants to be an ostrich when he grows up.

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