Monday, March 15, 2010

The Lab chronicles, continued

Since Amadeus is supposed to be a purebred Lab, we thought we'd chronicle a few of his more dignified, breed-worthy moments. It's worthwhile, by the way, to click on the pictures in this post and zoom in so you can get a better look at the flowers.

Here he is admiring the wildflowers Tom planted.

And also the naturally occurring flowers in our front yard.

Aren't the flowers lovely? Our yard is an explosion of color every morning.

But all dignity and beauty is cast aside when the urge strikes to suck blood from a duck.

On Saturday, we all took a trip out to the birthplace of Texas, a place called Washington on the Brazos (where they signed the Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico). It was a neat place, although because Amadeus was with us, we didn't visit any of the museums. We did get lots of compliments, though, from everybody from middle-aged ladies to a gang of biker guys.

Does anybody remember that walk we took with Katie (dog Katie) in Pershing Park? She got so tired and her feet were so hot on the boardwalk that we had to carry her. Well, it was pretty much the same story here.

This is a reconstruction of the hall where they gathered to sign the Declaration. Apparently it was merely a partially finished gun-smith's hall. That explains a lot, really. . .

Okay, now it's time to bat your eyes and take a nap. Love you guys and thanks for enjoying our puppy with us!

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  1. Cute pics, loving the hat Lindsey, you look like a true Texan! ha ha :) Courtney