Friday, April 23, 2010

Outside activities - bluebonnets!!

Well, we just finished up the bluebonnet season. Bluebonnets were EVERYWHERE. There were people parked along rural roads and busy highways stopping to take pictures. We had a beautiful field near us that we frequented.

We also had some friends out visiting us (and really, the bluebonnets). Their son, Cameron, hit it off with Amadeus. They were best buds by the end of the day!

And, of course, we had our quality time with the puppy.

John, like most good Texans, takes great joy in bluebonnet season. Isn't the field behind him spectacular?

Cameron walking Amadeus. He had to learn some finesse, since at one point he was literally dragging the poor puppy through the field, but he caught on.

After our friends left, the mower broke down for a critical couple of weeks. Amadeus LOVED romping around in the tall grass out front. Unfortunately, he romped through some grass burs and had to spend hours getting them picked out. And as we all know, that's no fun for anybody, including those doing the picking.

In pursuit of more freedom (the ability to leave the house for more than three hours), we are building Amadeus a kennel. Here he is on-site, helping John, mostly with emotional support.

He has no idea what's coming. . .

Okay folks, that's all for now! Love ya! Don't forget to look below for the exciting cow video!


  1. Wow, that puppy is getting big!! Time flies so fast. I have to say that blue bonnet season looks beautiful too. Nothing like an impromptu showing God's beauty, huh? Oh, and good luck with the kennel building too - just make sure to give your black-dog-that's-living-in-southern-Texas some shade lest he explode :) Down on the farm!!

  2. Wow - how Amadeus has grown!! Dexter will be crushed! The bluebonnets are beautiful - you can't go wrong with a boy, a dog AND flowers. Amadeus looks so innocent in the picture with burrs -I've seen that same look on Chief's face. Be sure and post pictures of the finished kennel.