Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fourth of July weekend

Kathy, Aaron, Jake and Andrew came down to visit over Fourth of July weekend. We had a great time with Jake and Andrew, who in turn had fun swimming in the pool and playing with Amadeus.

If you look closely, Andrew has an intimidating dolphin-gun in his hand. He's staring you down, if you can't tell. And no, he doesn't have time to pull his swim-trunks up.

Aaron trying to give Andrew a bird's eye view of the pool.

Rob, Kathy, and Ann chilling at the more behaved end.

Jake kept trying to get me to do a flip off of the diving board, and I kept saying no. So we settled on doing a pencil instead.

Jake executing beautiful form before he completes his flip.

Of course, the boys had to have some time with Amadeus, who was only too happy to run and fetch whatever it was they were throwing.

And here's a little video of the pup in action!


  1. He's not such a puppy anymore. Getting big! And, you redesigned your blog. looks good!

  2. I LOVE the narrative - especially about Andrew. Amadeus is getting so big. Thanks for the update!!