Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Missouri vacation

Great friends. . .if only for that pesky glass barrier!

Hi everybody!
I just got back from a wonderful, if solo (John was in Colorado) trip to Missouri. Amadeus kept me company on the road, and when we got up there, I got a chance to visit some college friends. Mel's husband, Bert, fixed us up a tasty sushi dinner. It was very fancy, complete with a menu and tags to tell us what we're eating!

Went and watched the kids while Jeff and Steph took an evening out for their anniversary. Noah tried on a bomber jacket that Nana and Papa bought for Audrey when she was a toddler. Many of the other grandkids have had their pictures taken in it, but Noah missed the boat when he was younger. So we squeezed him into it and snapped a picture.

But it is summertime, after all. Time for climbing trees, not bomber jackets!

And also time for extreme close-ups. . .

Backing up a bit, here are Jackson and Tyler enjoying the municipal pool.

Meanwhile, Natalie kept us company on the porch, exploring new countries like "Lahn Chere."

and "Kamra."

Fortunately, the natives were friendly.

As usual, motors were running at Papa's casa.

Seth enjoyed a ride on Papa's bike.

Off they go!

And what is this? Are they waving at Seth on the bike? Of course not.

They're waving at Seth in the plane.

The appreciation on the ground was high for the aerobatics.

Particularly with one young man, who experienced his first fly-by and followed it with his gaze long after it was done!

While Seth was cruising around at high altitudes, Audrey and I took Amadeus down to the pond for a walk.

With a few tag-alongs to keep us company.

Ah, the noble Labrador!

Let's watch as he short-circuits. . .

Ryan and Joy came later in the weekend, but time enough to hang out with everyone else before the first shift went home.

Jackson expressed his delight with the general situation by filling the dog bowl with rocks.

With Caleb happily following suit.

Here's a nice shot of all the kiddos on the bench up in the pine trees. Note how Natalie's chatting with Steph.

Actually, Steph and Natalie had quite the good time together. Steph taught her how to wave like a celebrity.

No summer weekend with Joy would be complete without a golf-cart ride or two!

The G's, the G's!!

After everyone else went home, Katie wanted to go fishing. Caleb went, too, but after an initial, unintentional dip in the water, he had to go back and hang out with Nana.

Here's Ryan showing us how it's done.

There were some frogs living under the dock. While Papa fishes, I'm trying to point them out to Katie, but for some reason, she was reluctant to dip her head right over the water.

Actually frogs were about the only thing we came close to catching.

As well as a few calories. Don't know why this picture turned out so large, but it's a sweet shot that I couldn't pass up!

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  1. What a great post!! Brought back a lot of memories. Of course the last picture is larger - it features a super sweet girl and a super sweet drink! Good job and great narrative.