Sunday, July 24, 2011

California Trip, part two

Hello all!  These are some pictures from the second leg of our California trip.  Actually, there aren't any pictures from California; these are all from our trip back and our time in Missouri.  But still, I hope you'll enjoy them.  I haven't come up with the witty commentary that's usually Mom's standard, but the pictures hopefully speak enough for themselves!

A beautiful pass along the Colorado River, at the corner of north-western Arizona.

We took a significant detour into Zion National Park.  We were exhausted at the end of the day, but saw some amazing views!

The rock formations looked like they'd just been poured out.
We even did a bit of hiking before getting back on the road.

Because of the detour through Zion, we took a different route through Utah than usual.  Who would of thought that Utah could look like Wales, or vice versa?

I had forgotten to take our camera to Disneyland, so here's our one Disney-themed picture.  

The windmills of eastern Colorado.  Or was it western Kansas?
While at home in Missouri, we had a good time celebrating Audrey's fourteenth birthday.

We also celebrated Father's Day.  Here's Dad with a present from Shane--a bottle of 'Wingman' wine.  If you don't know why that's significant, you haven't spent enough time with Dad.

It was crowded at the house, so seats were a little hard to come by.

Of course, some members of the family rarely ever touched the ground.

Noah at his baseball game with some chums.  It's almost hard to pick Noah out here. . .

Seth: action shot.

My cousin Chris, his wife Angie, and their two girls came by Mom and Dad's for a visit, to the delight of all cousins!

It was an active weekend - both Noah and Stitch were very tired.

One of the more unique pleasures we had this trip was the chance for me and Mel to have lunch with an old professor of ours, Mrs. Burt.  It was wonderful to sit and chat with her--HLG is blessed with great professors!

And, just in case we thought we'd come home and not do a project, we did help Ryan and Joy move some things.  Here are John and Caleb, discussing what's to be done next.


  1. Wonderful! Love the blogs header pic too!
    Sad to miss so much fun but we'll just have to make up for it over Christmas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Agree with Tyler on the heading. Park shots were great. And... she's 14? How is that possible?

  3. What great pictures!! The park shots are beautiful and some things about kids and summer just don't change. Mom