Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Genoa Aquarium

On Saturday, the church took a charter bus down to Genoa, which has a nice aquarium. Seeing the fish was enjoyable, but the real entertainment was riding the bus.

Here are Courtney and Meredith gazing whimsically out the window.

And Nolan sporting his M&M t-shirt.

Safety was a big concern on the trip, especially for the little ones.

Finally, after two grueling hours, the aquarium! We won't bother posting pictures of all the fish, but the piranhas were too eerie not to include. You can't tell it from the picture below, but none of them were moving. It was as if they were waiting for the caretaker to drop a cow, or some unlucky visitor, into the tank.

Dyfan, Caroline, and others looking kindly into the dolphin tank.

Meredith hailing a pregnant or deformed shark (couldn't tell which).

A short walk from the aquarium was a pirate ship, which was built for a Roman Polanski movie, appropriately called 'Pirates.'

And finally, just to be spiteful, a picture of Lloyd and our buddy Giorgio getting some rest after a long day. How innocent they look!


  1. Wow, what kind of mother would let John hang her son over the seat like that?

    Courtney :)