Monday, June 22, 2009

Scholl trip: France

Here we are during a brief stop in Torino, enjoying John's favorite ice cream bar, the mint-flavored Penguino.

But we didn't stay in Torino for long! On Friday, we ate our way through Briancon, France. Since Kay is a French teacher, she was entirely in her element and did all of our translating for us. For lunch, we had traditional French fare. John and Tom ordered 'raclette', which is sort of like fondue, except you melt the cheese yourself with hot metal plates. Below the picture is a video that explains how it works.

Raclette illustration video.

Here's my lunch: a 'no assembly required' tartiflette. It was wonderful! A lot like scalloped potatoes.

The after-lunch carnage. Tom ate so much he was ashamed to show his face.

John and Rob atop the massive fortifications that still surround the town of Briancon.

Tom and Kay also enjoying the view. Note Kay's "J'adore la France" t-shirt.

John and I enjoying our gaufres, a.k.a. delicious French waffles.

We happened to be in town while they were having a bike race. The Europeans, as we all know, are big on their cycling; these riders came right up Briancon's pedestrian main street for the competion's finale.

Here's Kay again, also enjoying a gaufre and showing off her French pride.

We ended our French day trip with an outing to Chieri. Tom, Kay, and Rob wanted to see where John spent his time researching. Here's the Scholl clan (again, minus the photographer) outside of Chieri's cathedral.

That's all for now! More Scholl (and Menke) pictures to come soon!

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  1. Making me hungry for crepes. Mmmm... w/ nutella...