Friday, January 21, 2011

The Running of the Calves

Hi all,

I didn't actually take pictures of John's birthday party, but I did get some pictures of him opening Ryan and Joy's gift - a very nice, official looking briefcase. And Ty and Jerilyn, he's loving the man book!

I thought ya'll might also enjoy this endearing little video. I call it "The Running of the Calves."


  1. I didn't even know. Happy birthday John!

  2. Glad he liked the present! And that is a very sharp briefcase he received from Ryan and Joy too. He's going to look very professional and...well, manly I guess. Not that he isn't already. Cute calf video and man, is that dog getting his 'feathers', just look at that tail!


  3. Babies are cute no matter what the species (barring reptiles of course - they have no sense of fun). Makes me anxious for spring here. John can keep his 'man book' in his briefcase for those sticky academic social situations where guidance is needed. If you could train Amadeus to sweep that tail just right through the house you wouldn't have to dust. Wish we were there!!