Saturday, April 9, 2011

A few spring break videos

Just groovin'. These two cuties are our youth/worship minister's kids. They were a lot of fun on our spring break out to West Texas. They obviously have rhythm, and if rhythm gives you a chance to hit your sister, well. . .

Here you can tell where they get their rhythm from. Here's their dad, high steppin' it to John's bagpipes. Yes, all in all, it was a spiritual time.


  1. Your aliiiiiiiiiive!!! We were wondering! Great videos, by the way. It seems y'all know how to live it up down in Texas land.


  2. Yes, I'm alive and I can still post! I surprise myself sometimes. Does Mom know, I wonder?

  3. What wonderful videos - but first I LOVE your new 'cover' shot. Very serene! Isn't it amazing how kids can work in those little 'I'm not touching you' moments. I'm a bit concerned about their Dad tho - obviously he has not been exposed to much in the way of rock & roll. Great post!