Monday, January 5, 2009

Cartoons and Crepes

The Cartoons. . .

First, we would like to thank the artists among our family and friends (in this case, Audrey, Alex, MarySophia, and Naomi) for their contributions to our Italian decor. We have spent many fruitful minutes interpreting these fine drawings and look forward to spending many more. If these artists or any other children would like to contribute more artwork to be displayed in Italy and on this blog, we'll happily send them our address!

The Crepes. . .

This past weekend, we were invited by Dyfan, Caroline, and kids (plus Dyfan's parents!) to come share Sunday lunch with them. We accepted, not knowing that it was actually a plot to keep us hostage until we helped figure out their new Disney crepe maker. Here is the story of that difficult time.

The Equipment. The Mickey cut-out seems straightforward enough, but there's more.

The Process. Apparently, one is supposed to pick up the rounded, heated skillet and dip it for approximately eight seconds in the batter. Then, as John is illustrating, one is to let the crepe cook and flip it when appropriate.

Frustration. The process was not always easy and certain members of the committee got a little out of hand. Fortunately, no tongues were burned in the making of this picture.

The Audience. As with all good committees, there were several voices on hand to offer advice and, occasionally, applause (see Lloyd in the foreground).

The Product. Finally, after much trial and error, we were granted success! A Mickey Crepe was produced and John and I were allowed to go home. Although our suffering was great, we should note that the crepes were delicious, as was the lunch of roast lamb, potatoes, carrots, and the desert of sticky pudding.

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