Saturday, January 10, 2009


We were told this fall by informed citizens that Torino doesn't receive very much snow, that we'd be lucky to get a few centimeters. But little did those natives know that Torino would see the most snow it's had for twenty years. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

The street where we live. (Sort of. . .we live a few blocks up on another street). The waterway in the first two pictures is the River Dora.

Me showing off my snowboots. Thanks for the well-timed Christmas present, Mom and Dad!
Piazza San Carlo, looking very northern.

Poor lil' feller. Didn't even stand a chance.
As of this writing and because of the snow, the children of Torino have yet to return to school from Christmas break. If, twenty years from now, we discover a significant gap in the education of young adults living in northern Italy in early 2009, we'll have to blame it on the weather.

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  1. Hi Kids,
    It's your long lost Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Thom. Thanks for sharing your bit of the world and totally making us miss the mountains! Yeah, thanks for that Lindsey! LOL We miss Alaska so much it hurts.
    Other than that, all is well and we are going cross country skiing later today, we leave right from our back door and take several trails behind our house.
    Great "seeing" you.
    Cheryl & Thom