Friday, January 2, 2009

Home for Christmas - in Texas

The second leg of our Christmas trip was in Texas, visiting family and friends. Here's John with Naomi (left) and MarySophia (right), the two oldest daughters of Chris Dewhurst--John's friend from childhood. We try to visit them at least once whenever we're in town and are rewarded by many enthusiastic welcomes from the girls!

On Christmas Eve, John's whole family gets together to eat much food and open presents. Here's little Andrew trying to escape the grips of his Paw-Paw (a.k.a. Uncle Charlie). He succeeded, as you'll see in the following video. Listen for his 'Wow!' at the beginning and the end of the snippet. You can also see Jake, his brother, looking much more civilized sitting next to John's brother, Rob, on the left.

We were blessed to be able to spend a lot of time with John's cousins, Kathy (who came down from Dallas) and Mills. Here we are playing a vintage version of Life, which John received for Christmas. Although in theory we were having a good time, I have to admit that my smile was a little forced as I was losing considerably at that point. But family time has its costs!

As many of you know, Kay and Tom (John's parents) are building a new house. Here's John's grandma--affectionately known as 'Mimi'--getting a tour.

. . .and me beside their new Kiva fireplace, the size of which you'll get a better idea when you see the next picture.

Note also the ceiling, which is made entirely of barnwood from one of Charlie's old barns. It adds a great element to the living room and the carpentry of the workers was fantastic!

So Merry Christmas from Texas! By the time we get back to the states, the house will be finished (God willing)!

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