Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chieri time

After our time in Sicily, we still weren't allowed to return to our apartment. Our pastor, Dyfan, and his wife Caroline went to a pastor's conference in France and asked us to house-sit and kid-sit for a while. They have a lovely place in the small town of Chieri, just outside of Torino, and we stayed for three nights eating their food, watching their T.V., and playing a game of RISK that lasted for three days. It was great fun. On the last day we were there, Saturday, we decided we'd better take some pictures to document the affair.

One of our ministries over here is introducing people to Mexican food. So on Saturday lunch we had tacos. The kids assure us that it wasn't their first time eating tacos, but based on their descriptions of the other Mexican food they've had, we think they had burritos instead.

Here's Sian, giving a dubious smile over her first bite into crunchy goodness.

Here's Lloyd, already biting into the crunchy goodness.

After lunch, Lloyd had a football (a.k.a soccer) match. Sian, John, and I biked out into the middle of nowhere to watch him. There he is, #16.

Eventually, the parents came home and ended all the fun. We began to suffer greatly, commemorating their return by playing games and eating pizza. Here's John displaying the game Headbandz and a blurry Sian giggling at him.

That's it for now, ragazzi! Next stop, Venice!

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