Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rome Again, Again

Hi Everyone!
We've made it back from our Sicily trip. But before we even made it to Sicily, we went to Rome first. I had to do a little bit of research there and also we met Jess and Chad, our friends from California. So here are some highlights from the Roman section of our Sicily trip.

A pleasant walk by the Palatine Hill, where the emperors lived.

A fifth-century church.

Some good American time with our friends. Chad's really excited that we're at a McDonald's.

The requisite excursion to the Colosseum.

Some refreshment from a local fountain.

And a stroll through the Forum, with yet another view of the Palatine palaces in the background.

It was a short trip to the capitol of the ancient world, but very enjoyable! Next stop, Siracusa. . .


  1. Well,here's my newest attempt to send a comment. The Rome pictures are great--your picture of the Coliseum is perfect--really shows alot of the site plus a great picture of you two. Seeing you two really makes me want to see you IN REAL. Can't wait to see your pictures of Sicily. And I didn't realize your trip to Venice is this week--have a great time. Love, Aunt Ann

  2. Hey, you did it! Congratulations! Love to you, too! -Lindsey