Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Go, Moscow, Go!

John and I have never really chanted for Russian victory before, but Saturday night we found ourselves shouting for Moscow to take out their Spanish opponents at the Eurocup Final Eight Basketball tournament, held in Torino. Our friend Robert is a professional volunteer and he was the cultural attache for the team from Moscow this year; he was able to get Dyfan, Lloyd, John and I not only free tickets but tickets right behind the VIP section--we could see the sweat dripping off of the players' faces and the coaches' looks of complete despair. Needless to say, we had a great time. Our tickets allowed us to see two games. First, we watched the Lithuanians beat the Serbians. The Lithuanian fans were right next to us and they were very liberal with their use of airhorns. Second, we watched Moscow fend off a team from Spain--unfortunately, Moscow was beaten by the Lithuanians in the final game.

Here we are outside the old Olympic stadium. There's Dyfan on the left, then John, and Robert with his bright gold volunteer jacket.

Lloyd wore those headphones the entire game, although I never saw him use them.

It was a difficult to get a good shot of the action, but there's Moscow in the yellow jersies.

To top it all off, the Moscow fans were giving away inflatible clap-stick things. Can anybody read the Russian?

Finally, we thought we'd include this short video of the Lithuanian fans cheering after their victory over Serbia.

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