Thursday, February 25, 2010

Amadeus, amadeus

Here is a video of Amadeus in action - sort of. This is at the end of the day for him, so he's laid back, playing with John.


  1. What a cutie - you can almost smell the 'puppy breath' and feel how soft he is. I'm not surprised he loves the sheepskin. Enjoy this stage!

  2. Aww~ Now you too can know the trials of trying to film a black dog. lol.

  3. So now the question is: how soon can we bring Sydney out there so that they can become best friends?!? He's SOOOOO adorable! And we'll be sure to bring lots of rope so that he'll love us ;)

  4. You two are such the parents, very cute. That rug is my favorite too, so much so that I bought one myself which is sadly now in storage :(

    Mel's right, black puppies are like little light-sucks aren't they?