Saturday, February 20, 2010

We have a puppy!

We did it! We finally got a puppy! His name is Amadeus and he's a purebred Black Lab. He's nine weeks old and very adorable. We just got him today, so let the training begin! Here are some pictures of his first couple hours at his new home. There aren't a lot of pictures of him on the ground because when we put him down, he won't stay still long enough for a picture. But when you pick him up, he's like a ragdoll. Right now he's taking a nap, which is why I can get away with this post.

Here he is, relaxing after an exciting car ride home.

Posing for a few pictures. . .

And realizing that he's going to have a hard life here at Casa Scholl.


  1. Let us be the first to congratulate you on your newest family member! What a little doll! He looks pretty laid back (for now). Enjoy all those wonderful puppy kisses!!

  2. thanks!! I'll have to take more pictures in order to better capture his cuteness! One night of crying down.

  3. I am so jealous! Your puppy is so adorable, you are going to have so much fun! I love the name, too. What a wonderful addition to the family.

    Congrats, John and Lindsey!


  4. That's adorable! Rough life being so cute and fuzzy.

  5. That is an insanely cute dog! I can see him wandering around with you and John on long walks around the property (if you do that sort of thing) in the evenings. He's a great addition and I'm very, very jealous.

  6. That's what we got him for--long walks around the property. When he's older, that is. Don't want any ambitious birds of prey carrying him off.