Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hi all,
I know I promised Tyler that my next post would be of cows, but that will have to wait. I thought instead that I'd put up pictures from John's b-day party (Jan. 16) and Mimi's 94th party (Jan. 30th). And in the middle is one picture that doesn't fit either theme. See if you can figure out which one it is.

Thanks to an earlier inspiration from Tyler and Jerilyn, I decided to throw John a surprise cheese party for his 31st birthday. Everyone who came brought a special type of cheese. It was lovely! And the best part of it is, we got to keep the leftovers. We were eating expensive cheese for a week!

Ah, just like the old days. Both Chris (left) and Keven (kilt) went to school with John and Rob. As you can see, they had plenty to chat about.

Kevin had just come from a bag-piping gig, so he did us the honor of a live performance. The kids--at least two of them--were practicing their highland fling.

Tom and the kids break-dancing to the pipes.

My first turkey! I found it on sale after Thanksgiving and froze it. Last week I thought I'd cook it, just for practice. It turned out pretty well for a first try, I think.

Last Saturday we celebrated Mimi's 94th birthday. She's still going strong, living on her own and still driving. Her nephew and his wife happened to be in town, so we all went out to lunch.

A rare moment: Charlie with a camera.

Mimi's nephew Bob, Mimi, and Bob's wife Carol. They live in Austin. You should google Bob's father, RH Bing. He was one of the most brilliant mathematicians of his day--he even has his own wikipedia page.

It was a chilly day, so the ladies all brought out their long coats. Don't they just look like winter flowers?


  1. Nice turkey, sis! What did you stuff it with?I'm also proud to see that you still have Christmas decorations up there in the background:) Happy birthday to all and here's hoping that the rest of winter is nicer to you!

  2. Happy Birthday Mimi & Happy Birthday John! Your turkey looks great altho I'm ready for burgers on the grill right now. I love the break-dancing - how cute! I don't believe I've ever seen it done to bagpipes before.

  3. Love the cheese idea, I want to come visit you in the little cabin. It looks so warm and inviting. Happy belated birthday John! :) Miss you two crazy people! Courtney