Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Puppy Pictures!

We thought everyone might enjoy some more pictures of Amadeus. He's had an exciting day today, playing with rope, going for a long walk, and enjoying some beautiful weather.

Beware the creature in the dark. . .

Don't fear. He's only after the nyla-bone.

Not such a scary monster, after all!

After an intense hour or so of playing, Mr. Amadeus needed his rest. Here he is snoozing in his crate.

He's not all dignity all the time, however. Look at that tongue!

After a long, refreshing nap, Amadeus went for a walk to get used to the leash and also enjoy some of the excitement the pasture has to offer. These thrills include cow patties, sticks, and clumps of dirt. Bring it on!

So much land for such a little fellah.

Chillin' with John

And finally, life in the wild! He had a great time leaping and bounding in the tall grass.

That's all for now, folks. Hope you're having a lovely Saturday!


  1. What an intrepid explorer!! I love the little puppy tummy in the one picture and the tongue sticking out in the nap pic. He sure is a little cutie! You are getting much better at getting that little face in the light.

  2. Man, that first picture really does remind me of "The Never Ending Story". I can see that little guy doing all KINDS of exploring - some supervised and some not and you guys definitely have the property to do just that. How the grandparents enjoying the new bundle? I remember that most of the family isn't use to pets so kudos to bringing one in, and an adorable one at that!

  3. Yes, he totally looks like that wolf in "The Never-Ending Story" in the first picture. I almost put that in the caption, but I didn't figure many people would get it. Grandparents are taking unexpected delight in the little guy. I think he's charmed them and so far, he hasn't gone to the bathroom in anybody's house except ours!

  4. Beware...THE NOTHING!!!


  5. ahhh, so cute. Congrats to the new parents!! I am sorry I am so behind in blogging. He is really cute. Hopefully some day, one day we can meet him. Have fun, I have never had a dog in my life, we are cat people. They are much easier to take care of I am afraid, leave them food and water and they are good for 3 or 4 days. Can't beat that. :) Take care! Courtney